About Us

We are a private equity investor focused on bringing UK companies into the Chinese market.

Nord Engine Capital



Nord Engine Capital is focused on bringing European and North American SMEs into the Chinese market. Our mission is to build a bridge between leading innovators and China’s growing potential for commercialising their technologies.

By leveraging the Shanghai Nord Engine Asset Management Group, we provide our investee companies with growth capital, first-hand knowledge of the Chinese market and regulatory environment, access to local strategic partners and bespoke investment advisory services.

Our Network

Nord Engine Capital has a strategic partnership with the Shanghai Nord Engine Asset Management Group. SNEAMG, established in 2008, specialises in private equity, fixed income, and real-estate in the local Chinese market.

The investment team has extensive experience advising businesses ranging from high growth technology to large state-owned enterprises across a broad spectrum of sectors within the Chinese market.

Through its FOF subsidiary, the Group’s network extends to more than 500 funds in China, and its connections include numerous provincial and municipal government bodies.

By leveraging the Group’s expertise, capabilities and networks, Nord Engine Capital can provide European and North American SMEs with the necessary operational advice, distributional channels, and marketing platforms to expand their businesses into China.